Tierra Del Fuego Candle

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“We decided to create a candle using Beeswax, a sustainable and luxurious ingredien t, sourced from the Piemonte region of Italy, instead of non-sustainable waxes such as soy, palm or paraffin. The concept for the packaging was to work on pro tec ting the scen t from oxidation, extending its product life and avoiding addi tives, as well as providing a useful con tainer after the candle is finished. For this we are using a special Bio pho tonic glass, an ideal con tainer for ligh t sensi tive medicines and herbs.

Our candles have seasonal scents and are handmade in limited batches. ”

Julian Bedel

The Fueguia 1833 Beeswax Candles are contained in an engraved Bio photonic glass. The engraving on the glass in enhanced with a golden wax finising.

The Fueguia 1833 Beeswax Candles come in a natural cotton paper box that includes de tailed instructions on how to use the candle and all the essential information about its content.

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