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10ml - Personal Perfume Diffuser

“With a different intention as a scent diffusor, this device is a new way to appreciate a perfume without applying it on the skin, just by its subtle diffusion near us, at our desk or on our bed table. Using porcelain as the medium.”
Julian Bedel
The Fueguia 1833 Personal Perfume Diffuser kit comes with a 10ml perfume refill, a set of porcelain reeds and a customized bronze container for the refill, hand finished in Fueguia's Milano factory. The refill bottle comes in a small walnut cup and this is packed together with the bronze container inside Fueguia 1833 wooden boxes. The porcelain reeds come in a glass tube that has a cork cap. The bronze containers are all unique objects, customized in Fueguia 1833 Milano factory with a metal working lathe.

Pat. Pending.

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